The Silaspray SP Compact is a high-specification silage additive applicator that can be fitted to forage wagons, balers and forage harvesters – either self-propelled or trailed. A key feature of the pump is its ability to deliver high volumes of silage additive to ensure a more even distribution.

Silaspray SP Compact is designed to deal with liquid biological or chemical silage additives, and can deliver them at rates from 30 to 500 litres/hour, equivalent to up to five litres per tonne. It is particularly suitable for use with food-grade preservative type products such as Safesil, which are based on ingredients like sodium nitrite, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. These ingredients have been independently proven to eliminate yeast activity, to effectively target damaging clostridial bacteria, and to guarantee* prolonged storage stability.
(*Journal of Dairy Science 94:824-831).

SilaSpray SP Compact Pump

Other key features of the Silaspray SP Compact include a 12V DC/15A electric motor, electronic control, a digital display of the flow rate and two integrated memory stores. An electronic cut off switch can also be supplied so that when the forager is not picking up forage, the pump automatically switches off, ensuring the most efficient use of the additive and minimising wastage.

Electronic Control Unit

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