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Cereal harvest begins in Gloucestershire on last day of June

The combine was in full swing on the last day of June in South Gloucestershire where beef and arable farmer,...

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Cut out the middleman to reduce risk in grain storage

Cereal growers have been reminded of the importance of self-reliance, following the recent closure of a Scottish grain merchant, which...

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Switching of feeding system transforms beef performance

Feeding crimped grain and higher quality silage has increased beef growth rates and brought forward finishing, raising profitability on a...

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Wholecrop boost for milk from forage

Addressing the challenges of conserving wholecrop cereals has lifted milk from forage on a coastal, Cumbrian farm. Producing milk from...

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Record growth rates from cost-cut rations

Scottish beef producer, Gordon Smith, set himself the target of cutting costs of production by £200 for every animal reared...

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Making the most of what you’ve got

With the cost of feed and other farm inputs rising, taking a whole farm approach when planning for your livestock...

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