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Kelvin Cave

Managing Director

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Andy Strzelecki

Technical Director

07977 252 664

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Ian Hall

Sales Director

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Michael Carpenter

Area Sales Manager

07817 977 701

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Cornwall and West Devon

Ian Hall

Area Sales Manager

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North Wales & Cheshire

Bryn Thomas

Area Sales Manager

07739 323 322

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David Warner

Area Sales Manager

07814 934 481

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Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire

Ed Sealy

Area Sales Manager

07801 200 546

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Cereal harvest begins in Devon in mid-June

The combine was out last Friday afternoon (15 June) in Cullompton, Devon where beef and arable farmer, Roger Adams, has...

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Crimping – It’s all about thinking inside the box

The complete crimping package CrimpSafe 300 and CrimpSafe Hi-Dry CrimpSafe 300 ensures a controlled fermentation and maximum nutrient retention for...

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Close-up on Wholecrop

Reserve forage stocks have been used up completely or severely depleted in many parts of the country and, for many,...

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Bean silage and crimp drive profits in beef

  Brothers, Martin and Richard Grix, have found a niche in the beef industry involving finishing cull cows as they...

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Is the use of urea or urea-containing additives really the way forward to preserve home-grown high-moisture cereals?

  Dr Horst Auerbach, International Silage Consultancy (ISC), Wettin-Löbejünthe considers wether the use of urea or urea-containing additives is really...

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To crimp or not to crimp by Lizz Clarke, LC Beef Nutrition

  Having worked independently in beef nutrition for 14 years, I can certainly say that crimping grain has made a...

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