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Please feel free to contact any of our representatives directly using the details listed below.

Kelvin Cave

Managing Director sends e-mail)

S. Wales, Herefordshire & Shropshire 

 Andy Strzelecki

Technical Director

07977 252 664 sends e-mail)

Cornwall, W.Devon, Midlands & Scotland

Ian Hall

Sales Director

07977 252 663 sends e-mail)


Michael Carpenter

Area Sales Manager

07817 977 701 sends e-mail)

North Wales, Cheshire, Staffordshire & Derbyshire

Bryn Thomas

Area Sales Manager

07739 323 322 sends e-mail)

Southern inc. BA postcodes, Dorset, E. Devon, Hampshire & Wiltshire

David Warner

Area Sales Manager

07814 934 481 sends e-mail)

Shropshire, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire & East Anglia

Andy Lee

Area Sales Manager

07495 752 445 sends e-mail)

East Dorset, Wiltshire & South Coast 

Mandy Mason

Area Sales Manager

07495 752 446 sends e-mail)

West, South & mid-Wales

Tim Frost

Area Sales Manager

07801 200 546 sends e-mail)



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Welcome to "Harvest Help 2020" As the wet and windy weather continues, and with such a large area of crop still...

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Crimping solves challenge of unevenly ripened spring cereals

Secondary tillering and the uneven ripening of cereal crops this summer is presenting challenges to growers as harvest approaches. However,...

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Better silage – better farm

Perfecting the techniques of making maize silage on a Herefordshire farm has created knock-on opportunities which have lifted performance across...

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Better forage is central to a new way of farming

Just like many cattle farmers across the uplands of England, Geoff Roddam used to feed his stock on grass silage...

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Pulses grown for greening cut out bought-in protein

An innovative approach to growing and preserving peas, beans and lupins has cut out bought-in protein from almost all livestock...

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Options for rye as an energy crop

Wholecrop rye is increasing in popularity for good reason. But users growing it for anaerobic digestion are also starting to...

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