Home-Grown Feeds for Sale or Wanted

This is a free-to-service for Kelvin Cave Ltd customers who have surplus feedstuffs, treated with our preservatives they wish to advertise for sale.

Those who are seeking to purchase high quality feeds direct from other farmers may also advertise their requirements, whether as standing crops, at harvest, or through the winter. It is hoped local growers will then be able to satisfy their requests.

For our customers looking to sell their surplus feeds to others, please complete this form.

To view the list of feeds being offered for sale click here.

For those looking to buy-in feeds please list your requirements on this form.

To view the list of required feeds click here.

Kelvin Cave Ltd. accept no liability for the accuracy of information provided or any financial transactions between advertisers. It is the responsibility of those involved to ensure that all statutory levies are paid when required.

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