Proven biological silage additives for better silage

Biological silage additives can improve the fermentation of silage by dominating the microbial population of the forage. This helps to lower the pH of the silage quickly, ensuring better retention of true protein and a more palatable feed with higher intake potential than untreated silage.

Aerobically unstable, heating silage is often a problem when higher dry matter forage is ensiled and subsequently exposed to air during feedout. Good clamp management goes a long way to reducing this problem but is not guaranteed to prevent the activity of the yeasts and moulds that cause it. In order to combat this, and to give all the proven benefits of inoculant treatment, Kelvin Cave Ltd have developed the three cost-effective combination  products detailed below.

Activator Plus Silage Additive

An inoculant containing a proven strain of lactobacillus plantarum  which dominates the naturally-occurring microorganisms on the crop and speeds-up the rate of fermentation. When used at the recommended rate, Activator Plus supplies 1,000,000 bacteria per gram of forage. This results in greater retention of true protein, reduced risk of butyric acid production and improved palatability.

Activator Plus Silage Additive is ideal for use on all grass silages in the dry matter range 18-28%, and also produces excellent results in crops with high clover content, where lower sugar levels and raised protein value can adversely effect efficient fermentation. Activator Plus has been extensively and independently trialed to demonstrate improved fermentation, reduced nutrient loss and improved animal performance. Activator Plus is suitable for use on organic farms.

Activator + CA

Combines all the improved fermentation and animal performance benefits of Activator Plus with a specific citrate  which is converted during fermentation to powerful yeast-inhibiting compounds. Activator + CA can more than double the length of time it takes for treated silage to become aerobically unstable, thereby reducing feedout losses and expensive waste.

Pro-Active Bio

With its proven ability to promote successful fermentation in more difficult to ensile crops such as clover silages and arable silages that include legumes, Pro-Active Bio combines the same strain and level of lactobacillus plantarum as Activator Plus together with a unique strain of pediococcus pentosaceus to support the lactic fermentation and improved animal performance. The inclusion of lactobacillus brevis, which is known for its ability to improve aerobic stability in higher dry matter silage, completes the winning package. Pro-Active Bio is suitable for use on organic farms.

The advantage of O2 Barrier

The advantage of O2 Barrier

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