Welcome to a run-down of the biggest hits with farmers and contractors this crimping season! Our compilations of the best products for home-grown cereal and wholecrop feeds will help you maximise yield, improve productivity and save money on bought-in feed.

They include a range of preservatives developed through long-term TECHNO-logical and scientific research and testing that maximise nutrient retention and aerobic stability – even in the most challenging of harvesting conditions.

With a comprehensive range of HEAVY METAL grain crimping and dry rolling machines to choose from, all famed for delivering outstanding performances, there’s one to suit every throughput requirement, together with a host of customising options too. Sounds good!




CrimpSafe 300 and CrimpSafe Hi-Dry
CrimpSafe 300 ensures a controlled fermentation and maximum nutrient retention for ensiled, crimped grain above 25% content.

For effective preservation and ensiling of grain below 25% moisture content, use CrimpSafe Hi-Dry.

Propcorn NC Propcorn NC is the proven, non-corrosive, successor of Propcorn. Safer to use, and with 70% less fumes than straight propionic acid, Propcorn NC is suitable for preserving whole, or rolled, grain and pulses with moisture content of up to 25%, in aerobic conditions.

Safesil for Wholecrop
Ideal for wholecrop, Safesil Pro preservative can be used to produce a clean fermentation with greater aerobic stability leading to a more palatable richer in nutrients feed from wholecrop and pulses.

Don’t forget Safesil Challenge for lower dry-matter and sugar late season grass silages.

Grain Crimping Machines & Dry Grain Roller Mills
Whether you’re a farmer or contractor, and whatever your projected throughput, there is a machine to suit.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the home of grain crimping, and available in the UK only through Kelvin Cave Ltd, Murska / Korte grain crimping machines are widely acknowledged as global market leaders.

Their ability to process all cereal grains and pulses either dry (up to 25% moisture) or for crimping and ensiling (from 25 to 45% moisture) sets the benchmark within the farming industry and meets our own exacting standards for engineering excellence.

SilaPactor removes the air from wholecrop, maize and grass silage clamps to ensure a fast, efficient fermentation with minimal losses, while making best use of available clamp space and reducing risk of air penetrating the face during feedout..

 Giving a big hand when it comes to laying side sheets, our COUNTRY CLASSICS include a line-up of spring clips for different clamp wall thicknesses, accompanied of course by the ever-popular and always essential side sheets themselves. The Wile grain moisture meter is also one to watch, since it can out-perform anything in the field, thanks to its high accuracy and ease of use.

Last, but by no means least, our COVER VERSIONS collection will help to keep your crops in tip-top condition and protected from aerobic degradation, birds, vermin and the elements.

Of course, just like musical tastes it’s good to mix things up a bit. So consider maximising your output by selecting products from every ‘genre’ that’ll work together to deliver some truly amazing results and have you rockin’ your home-grown feed production for years to come!



silage-wholecrop clamp protection

Klampclips – Like an extra pair of hands during clamp filling. Manufactured from spring stainless steel and made-to-measure for different clamp wall thicknesses. Available in packs of 25.

Side Sheets – essential to ensure a complete airtight seal. Heavy duty, 150μm, clear plastic in 50-metre rolls and in widths of 4, 5 and 6 metres.

Moisture Meter – The Wile grain moisture meter is the only grain moisture meter that can give readings above 30% with any degree of accuracy. Available exclusively from Kelvin Cave Ltd, the Wile grain moisture meter tests whole grain, and will give accurate readings on all grain from 12% up to 50% moisture.

SilaSpray Compact – applicator for accurate application of preservatives through your crimper, baler or forager.

O2 Barrier 2in1 – the single sheet which transforms into two. Polyamide vacuum film layer up to 10 times less oxygen-permeable than conventional silage film that reduces time and labour required to seal the clamp.

Farmguard – high-strength, recyclable silage sheeting. Uses advanced seven-layer technology for improved durability and tensile strength, tear  resistance, a high degree of UV protection and easy, lightweight handling. Farmguard’s barrier to oxygen is up to 100 times that of standard silage sheeting.

Silage Safe – the ultimate clamp protection system. With a projected service life of at least 10 years, this strap tensioning system eliminates the need for any other weighting. Its 2-metre modular design allows for quick deployment and removal.

ClampNet – for improved clamp protection. Reduces sheet damage by birds and vermin and the need for complete weight coverage.

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