In a year that has seen extreme weather conditions across much of Britain, livestock feeding has become a real challenge, emphasising more than ever the need to achieve minimal wastage when ensiling home-grown forage crops.

The time, effort and expense of growing all silage crops can amount to little if losses then occur in the clamp due to inadequate preservation, insufficient and uneven compaction or poor protection from air ingress, the weather and vermin. 

Spoilage, and the overall reduction in nutrient value in the remainder of the crop can easily tip the balance between profit and loss – even without intervention from the ‘Beast from The East’ followed by weeks of record-breaking summer temperatures. However, using these proven products and ensiling techniques can maximise DM retention and help safeguard against the impact of an ever more unpredictable climate.

Safesil Pro is the ideal treatment for high dry matter silage where aerobic deterioration is a concern. Safesil Pro ensures long-term stability in the open clamp and during feed-out, minimising nutrient loss and mycotoxin formation.

Safesil Challenge, is ideal for treating autumn grass crops ensiled with DM content below 30%. Its ability to eradicate harmful clostridia and enterobacteria ensures a controlled, effective fermentation in high-buffering, low-sugar and lower dry matter forage.

Available in a range of widths from 2.1 metres to 4 metres and 2.5 to 6.0 tonnes, a SilaPactor can speed up the compaction process, saving both time and fuel, and can increase dry matter compaction density by up to 40% when compared to conventional tractor rolling.

Made from stainless, spring steel, KlampClips are like an extra pair of hands when lining clamp walls with side sheets. Available in two sizes (100-150mm clamp wall width x 700mm long, and 200-300mm clamp wall width x 1000mm long), both are available in packs of 25. We also supply heavy-duty, 150μm, clear plastic side sheets supplied in 50-metre rolls and convenient widths of 4, 5 and 6 metres.

Applied as a single sheet, which then transforms into two on the clamp, O2 Barrier 2in1 comprises a protective, high-quality top layer covering a layer of very oxygen impermeable, polyamide vacuum film. It provides quick and effective clamp sealing with reduced workload, and up to a tenfold decrease in oxygen permeability compared to conventional sheeting systems.

A 300g/m2, heavy-duty green silage cover with seamed, stitched edges to prevent fraying or unravelling, ClampNet offers added protection from attack by birds and vermin and can also help to maintain compaction.

Made from 90 per cent recycled material with a life expectancy of around 15 years, ClampTiles are ergonomically designed for ease of handling. Unlike tyres, they don’t harbour rainwater and debris, and when not in use can be stacked on pallets.


We recommend NO LESS than six of the measures outlined above are applied to each silage crop to ensure a healthy, stable and nutritous feed for your livestock. 

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