Safesil silage additive clamp

Safesil delivers the best silage from Lands End to John o’ Groats and beyond! We would like to congratulate Daniel Ritch of Brettobreck, Stormness, Orkney Isles on winning the coveted Dairy Clamp Silage class at the Agriscot Silage Competition.

It was at a chance meeting with Ian Hall, our sales director, the night before Scotgrass 2019 when he bumped into him with long standing customer and well-respected contractor Arnold Mathers that Daniel first became convinced of the benefits Safesil could bring to his farm. However, having already order for that season, and missing out the following year due to taking advantage of an unexpected early weather window which did not allow product to get to him in time, he had to wait over two years to try it and see the results for himself.

Daniel was really pleased with the silage and won the Orkney Silage competition held in the autumn for the first time. The analysis was so good that Ian persuaded him to enter the Agriscot competition, which is arguably the most hotly contested award in the UK open to farmers across all of Scotland and the North of England and we are delighted that he has taken the top prize.

Daniel has already ordered for this year, if you would like to see how you too could make silage like this with Safesil please contact you local representative or call the office on 01458 252281

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