Trying to outwit the unpredictable British climate is a constant challenge for forage producers. 

At Kelvin Cave Ltd we’ve got a range of preservatives specifically formulated to treat all baled forages across the dry matter range, helping you to produce the best possible bales, whatever the weather throws at us!

Safesil Challenge
For silage bales below 50% DM, the powerful blend of preservatives in Safesil Challenge ensures a clean fermentation with minimal losses. Safesil Challenge eliminates yeasts and moulds so ‘shelf-life’ once bales are opened is extended and wastage reduced. 

BaleSafe’s unique blend of preservatives makes it ideal for wrapped haylage from 50-75% DM and unwrapped hay (and straw) up to 25% moisture. BaleSafe preserves higher dry matter forages effectively, preventing spoilage from mould growth and reducing dust levels. BaleSafe allows earlier baling of hay, reducing time, fuel costs and leaf-shatter associated with continued tedding. Earlier baling can often prevent the costly quality losses which are inevitable if hay gets a soaking.

Download our BaleSafe leaflet 

Download our forage preservatives brochure including Safesil Challenge

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