Murska 4000 The worlds biggest grain crimper
Murska 4000 - The worlds biggest grain crimper

Boasting an impressive output of up to 80 tonnes/hour, the latest addition to the Murska/Korte stable of crimpers delivers the performance requirements of large-scale farming operations, including contractors and animal-feed blending plants.

The top-of-the-range Murska 4000’s high-volume throughput comes from its four pairs of metre-long, 2mm-fluted tempered hardened rollers that enable it to dry-roll or crimp a wide range of cereal grains and pulses, with moisture content of up to 45%.

The Murska 4000’s robust belt conveyor gives the machine extended reach of 5 metres into grain stores, crimped grain clamps, or lorries.

Kelvin Cave’s comprehensive range of grain crimpers and dry rollers also includes the Murska 220SM (1-1.5t/hr) and Murska 350S2 (5-8t/hr) followed by the mid-range Korte 700S2 HD (10-16t/hr) and 1000S2 HD (15-20t/hr) models. The range is completed with the Korte 1400S 2×2 Max (20-30t/hr) and the Korte 2000S 2×2 Max (30-40t/hr).

All of the Murska/Korte range can be fitted with applicator systems to treat high-moisture grains with the preservatives Propcorn NC, CrimpSafe Hi-Dry or CrimpSafe 300.

With optional on-board digital weighing systems, bagging chassis options, mill-and-mix machines and bespoke fixed mill installation options, there is sure to be something to suit every size of operation and budget. View the full range of our grain crimpers and dry rollers.

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