Think of your profit potential from home-grown feeds like a tower of Jenga pieces.


Removing any one of the key building blocks makes the tower less stable. Removing them all means your profits will tumble. Just like the tower. But, keep them in place and you’ll be sure of getting the very best from your home-grown feeds. Because every stage of production, through processing, preservation, preparing, packing and protecting your valuable feed crop relies on the others to deliver outstanding stability, performance and profit potential. By working together, these products can prove a tower of strength for producing top quality silage and crimp, even in the most challenging conditions.


Grain Crimping Machines and Dry Grain Roller Mills – to suit every size of projected throughput for cereal grains and pulses, either dry (up to 25% moisture) or crimping and ensiling (from 25 to 45% moisture). We offer an extensive range of Finnish-manufactured Murska / Korte machines that meet our exacting standards of engineering excellence and reliability.


Safesil Pro and Safesil Challenge – For all forages, dependent on dry matter. Safesil Pro is ideal for maize, wholecrop beans and all other forages drier than 25%. Safesil Challenge is perfect for wet, late-cut silage which can be low in sugar.

BaleSafe – treating with BaleSafe allows hay and straw to be safely baled up to 25% moisture without wrapping and also reduces DM loss and improves stability in wrapped haylage at 50-75% DM.

CrimpSafe 300 and CrimpSafe Hi-Dry – CrimpSafe 300 ensures a controlled fermentation and maximum nutrient retention for ensiled crimped grain above 25% moisture content. For effective preservation and ensiling of grain below 25% use CrimpSafe Hi-Dry.

Propcorn NC – is a proven, noncorrosive successor to Propcorn. Safer to use, and with 70% less fumes than straight propionic acid, it is suitable for preserving whole or rolled grain and pulses with a moisture content of up to 25%, in aerobic conditions.

ProFlake NC – is designed to improve the physical quality of dry-rolled grain, and increase the storage life of processed cereals by up to 3 months. It inhibits yeasts and mould growth, and mycotoxin formation and ensures significant reduction in dust levels, helping to improve animal health and performance.


KlampClips – like an extra pair of hands during clamp filling. Manufactured from sprung stainless steel and made-to-measure for different clamp wall thicknesses. Available in packs of 25.

Side Sheets – essential to ensure a complete airtight seal. Heavy duty, 150μm, clear plastic in 50-metre rolls and in widths of 4, 5, 6 and 8 metres.

NEW PRODUCT SiloBond – is a multi-purpose agricultural adhesive formulated to bond silage sheets together or attach them to clamp walls. Makes hanging side sheets safer and easier; reduces the risk of damage when filling; reduces overlap and saves on plastic.


SilaPactor – available in a range of widths from 2.1 metres to 4 metres, weighing from 2.5 to 6.0 tonnes. A SilaPactor can increase compaction density by up to 40%, is proven to cut DM losses and it saves time and fuel.


Farmguard – high-strength, recyclable silage sheeting. Uses advanced seven-layer technology for improved durability and tensile strength, tear resistance, a high degree of UV protection and easy, lightweight handling. Farmguard’s barrier to oxygen is up to 100 times that of standard silage sheeting.

O2 Barrier 2in1 – the single sheet which transforms into two. Polyamide vacuum film layer up to 10 times less oxygen-permeable than conventional silage film that reduces time and labour required to seal the clamp.

BaleShield 160 – durable protection for hay, straw and wrapped forage bales. Tear-resistant waterproof fleece can be used time and again. Ideal for protecting forage in the open, close to where it’s needed. Sheets can be joined with hook and loop tape and held in place with clamps and screws supplied.

ClampShield 500 – the ultimate protection for ensiled forage crops but with up to 75% less single-use plastic. This breathable polypropylene fleece can be reused over many years. Waterproof, easy to lay, and affording protection against birds. Sheets can be joined with hook and loop tape.

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