All you need to produce show-stopping silage time after time
All you need to produce show-stopping silage time after time
Silage preservation

Safesil Pro – for silage above 30% DM

– Minimises fermentation losses
– Unsurpassed aerobic stability

Safesil Challenge – for silage below 30% DM and high protein crops
– Eliminates enterobacteria, clostridia, yeasts and moulds
– Ideal for challenging ensiling conditions

Silage ensiling

SilaPactor – the heavyweight answer to making light work of compaction

– Can increase compaction density by up to 40% 
– Saves time and fuel
– Available in a range of widths from 2.1 metres to 4 metres weighing from 2.5 to 6.0 tonnes

Klampclips for silage clamp side sheets

KlampClips – like an extra pair of hands during clamp filling
(packs of 25)
Spring stainless steel
Sizes for different clamp wall thicknesses
Side Sheets – essential to ensure a complete airtight seal (50m x 4, 5, 6m)
Heavy duty, 150μm, clear plastic

02 barrier silage clamp sealing

O2 Barrier 2in1 – the single sheet which transforms into two
– Polyamide vacuum film layer up to 10 times less oxygen-permeable than conventional silage film
– Reduced time and labour required to seal the clamp

Clamp tiles for securing silage clamp covering

ClampTiles – the clean alternative to tyres for effective top weight
– Made from 90% recycled material
– Designed for ease of handling
– Stack on a pallet for space-saving storage

ClampNet silage clamp protection

ClampNet – for improved clamp protection

– Reduces sheet damage by birds and vermin
– Reduced requirement for complete weight coverage

Silage Safe clamp protection system

Silage Safe – the ultimate clamp protection system

– Strap tensioning system eliminates the need for any other weighting
– 2-metre modular design allows quick deployment and removal
– Projected service life of at least 10 years

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