KC Mini-Flaker

KC Mini-Flaker

Knowing the moisture content of grain for crimping, when grain is harvested at up to 45% moisture, has, until now, always been a matter of guesswork and experience. Kelvin Cave Ltd has teamed up with Finnish meter manufacturer Wile to produce the first (as far as we know) grain moisture meter that can give readings above 30% with any degree of accuracy.

Compact, affordable and very quick and easy to use, this meter will make life easier for contractors and farmers, and help to ensure that correct levels of Crimpsafe 300, Crimpsafe Hi-Dry and Propcorn NC preservatives are applied.

The Wile Crimping Moisture Meter tests whole grain, and will give accurate readings on all grain from 12% up to 50% moisture and is available exclusively from Kelvin Cave Ltd.

Like all moisture meters the Wile High-Moisture Grain Meter should be recalibrated every season according to the instructions supplied.

Also available is the Wile 25 forage moisture meter. Ideal for testing the moisture content of hay and haylage to ensure correct moisture content for treatment with Propcorn NC  the Wile 25 takes the guesswork out of when a crop is ready for baling. Contact us for details.

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