Why Your Old Tyres Should Be Retired

If your farmyard has a corner that resembles a car scrapyard it’s very likely you’re still weighting down your silage sheeting with old car tyres. But while they may be heavy and plentiful (and in many cases free), they also have their drawbacks.

Firstly, because they are round and have a hole in the middle they leave portions of the top sheet exposed to the elements and at risk of damage from birds and vermin. Secondly, they trap rainwater and wind-blown detritus, creating a foul smelling, stagnant soup that is an ideal breeding-ground for midges and mosquitos, and that spills everywhere the moment they are lifted. And thirdly, they are bulky and difficult to stack tidily, taking huge amounts of space when not in use and providing a safe haven for rats.

That’s why we introduced ClampTiles, a simple one-shot solution that eliminates all the issues associated with using old tyres, making for a faster, simpler and more convenient way to protect the top of your clamp.

Made from 90% recycled material, and with a life expectancy of around 15 years, ClampTiles are quick and easy to lay edge-to-edge on the clamp, affording total protection of the top sheet and crop. Designed so that one person can carry them into position, rather than drag them (which often results in top-sheet damage), they apply approximately 20kg/m2 of effective weight. When not in use they can be stacked on a pallet, taking just a fraction of the space that would be required for an equivalent number of tyres. 

For yet further clamp protection, ClampNet is a heavy-duty, green silage clamp top cover which, as well as helping to protect clamps from birds and mammals, can reduce spoilage and help to maintain compaction after rolling with a SilaPactor.

Made from a finely-woven, UV-stable high density polyethylene (HDPE) material with strongly-stitched edging to prevent fraying, ClampNet’s flexibility enables it to mould into the contours of the silage. This gives it maximum contact with the top silage sheet (ideally O2 Barrier 2in1) to help maintain aerobic stability and minimise wind-lift when weighted down with gravel bags or ClampTiles.

ClampNet is reusable and features reinforced loops to enable really secure attachment of gravel bags allowing you to focus more weight on the shoulders of the clamp.

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