Propcorn NC is so versatile

 Hay Bales

Propcorn NC, the safe, non-aggressive, one-stop storage solution for all whole and processed grains and pulses, will allow earlier baling of hay and haylage at higher nutrient value and prevent the heating up of moist feeds. 

Propcorn NC can be applied to all cereal grains and pulses to safeguard against the formation of yeasts, moulds and mycotoxins during storage for up to 12 months.

Used correctly, Propcorn NC also eliminates the need for wrapping haylage bales, therefore reducing costs and plastic disposal problems.

Grain treated with Propcorn NC should be stored in a dry grain store, bin or bunker and contact with concrete walls should be avoided, as the build-up of condensation at the point of contact can cause an adverse reaction between the alkaline concrete and the acid-treated grain. We recommend concrete walls are painted with a suitable barrier paint or lined with good quality plastic sheeting. 

In independent worldwide tests, livestock fed on Propcorn-treated feeds have shown that it improves milk yields by up to 4%, increases live-weight gain in beef cattle by up to 4%, and improves  feed-conversion efficiency in pigs by up to 6%.

Put simply, Propcorn NC is a great all-round solution for the preservation of high-moisture cereals, grain maize, pulses, hay, haylage and straw, delivering higher returns per acre, with better feed value and increased energy levels.

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