Planning ahead for this year’s grain processing

Grain Processing Machines

Whether you’re a farmer or a contractor, and whatever your projected grain processing output, Kelvin Cave Ltd can supply a comprehensive range of proven machinery and preservatives to suit all your needs.

Our range comprises dry roller mills, grain crimpers and machines outputting traditional flat rolled grain, with processing capacities from 500/600kg/hour (with the all-new KC Mini Flaker) through to 40 tonnes/hour from the KC Bruiser 1250 or Korte 2000 2x2 Max Crimper.

KC Mini Flaker

The KC Mini Flaker (pictured below) has been developed to meet the requirements of smaller farms, equine establishments and smallholdings. With an output of 500-600kg/hour, the unique configuration of helically-meshed rollers, driven by a 2.2 kW single-phase motor, is cleverly engineered to run smoothly and quietly.The KC Mini Flaker Is ideal for processing all cereal grains and mixtures of cereals and pulses, such as peas, producing a beautifully-flaked finished product.



KC Bruiser 600 and 1250

KC Bruisers are designed for the high-output production of traditional, flat-rolled grain for home-grown cereal blends and crimping. The 600mm diameter flat rollers will process any grain and can be very easily adjusted to produce the exact quality of roll required for any situation.

The current range of KC Bruisers will process grain with moisture contents up to 45% for crimping and ensiling, as well as dryer grain for aerobic storage. The 1250 model is pictured above.

All models feature magnet protection (to remove ferrous metal debris from grain) and a tough marine-quality paint (for long-life corrosion protection). They can also be equipped with a range of options for grain preservative application.

Murska/Korte Crimpers

With five models in the range, from the Murska 350S2 with its 5+tonne/hour output to the mighty Korte 2000 2x2 Max capable of crimping up to 40 tonnes/hour, there is a crimper available to suit every application. Equipped with 2mm fluted rollers as standard, these mills have a world-wide reputation for durability and versatility. 

Designed to process grain and pulses for crimping at up to 45% moisture, they are equally happy processing dry grain quickly and efficiently, producing a livestock-friendly ‘kibbled’ meal from any type of grain.

All models in the KC Bruiser and Murska/Korte ranges can also be fitted with our unique on-board digital weighing system, increasing the accuracy of preservative application and making them ideal for contractors dealing with unknown quantities of grain at different locations. 

In fact, bespoke options are available across most of our machinery range, so to discuss your own requirements please contact the office or your area sales manager. Contact details are listed on the back cover.


Effective preservation is essential to protect your investment in high-value grain feeds.

CrimpSafe 300 is the modern, non-acid preservative for crimped, ensiled grain. Applied by a pump applicator at the processing stage, CrimpSafe has been developed to control the fermentation of crimped grain and give maximum protection against spoilage organisms that could cause deterioration of the feed once the clamp or bag is opened at feedout.

Independent farm-scale trials have shown that, when applied at the recommended rate and ensiled in accordance with our recommendations, Crimpsafe 300 will keep crimped grain fresh and stable for up to 300 hours (>12 days) after exposure to air. 

Crimpsafe 300 is suitable for use on all types of grain and pulses, such as peas and lupins, at and above 25% moisture. If the grain moisture is below 25% then its sister product, CrimpSafe Hi-Dry, will ensure effective preservation. 

To find out more about CrimpSafe preservatives and recommended application rates visit or contact the office or your area sales manager.

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