Not just additives and preservatives!

Although Kelvin Cave Ltd is probably best known for supplying world-class silage and grain preservative solutions, don’t forget that we also have a broad-reaching range of state-of-the-art additive/preservative applicators, silage compactors, silage sheeting, and grain-processing equipment.

Having gone to all the expense of growing a crop such as maize for silage, it surely makes sense to use a final ‘spray’ of Safesil accurately, to eliminate the unseen microorganisms which can destroy much of the feed value of the finished silage. 

Applying the additive
Unfortunately, many forage harvesting machines are not fitted with pumps that can deliver sufficient quantities of product effectively and consistently. The Silaspray SP Standard-Maxi can deliver up to 550ltrs/hour of water-based or food preservative silage additive, and uses a simple-to-use digital flowmeter to ensure consistent performance. The Silaspray is probably one of the most robust additive pumps available, and will give many years of accurate service.

Clamp compaction
Another aspect of efficient silage-making is, of course, good clamp compaction. With bumper crops of high-quality maize silage looking likely, many farmers are wondering how they’ll fit it in the space available! The SilaPactor has proved its worth in this respect, increasing compaction density by up to 40% compared to more conventional tractor clamp rolling. Make better silage (less air in the clamp) and fit it in less space – what more could you ask?! Make sure you have a SilaPactor available for your maize silage this year; you’ll see the difference at feed-out.

Sheeting made easy
Once you’ve filled your clamp the next step is to make it airtight. Yet again Kelvin Cave has found a superior solution to the tedious job of sheeting the clamp – O2 Barrier 2in1 – the single sheet that turns into two on the clamp and reduces the amount of oxygen able to penetrate the clamp by up to ten times when compared to conventional silage sheeting. Weighted down and protected from vermin by either ClampNet or ClampTiles the end result will be a clamp of silage without waste and with maximum possible feed value.

Preserving a wet crop
At the time of writing the weather has gone a bit ‘wobbly’ for grain harvesting. Although we hope this will be a brief spell, don’t forget that Propcorn NC, the non-corrosive preservative for all cereals and pulses, is always available to look after that grain that didn’t get harvested quite dry enough.

On the subject of grain, with prices on a downward turn processing and feeding home-grown cereals to dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep could make real economic sense this year. No matter what quantity of grain you have available we have a mill to suit your needs. From the 1 to 1.5t/hour Murska 220 to the mighty 40+t/hour Korte 2000 2x2 Max or the Bruiser 1250 there are machines in our range that can match your needs. As well as the standard mill range we can build a complete static or mobile mill and mix unit to match your requirements and help you become more efficient, self-sufficient and less reliant on the feed merchant!  

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