New Crimping Product Offers Fume-Free Effective Preservation

In order to get the most out of any crimped grain it is essential to promote a controlled and restricted lactic fermentation in the clamp, and also to eliminate the yeasts and moulds that will cause waste once the grain is exposed to air. Preserving crimped grain with non-corrosive buffered-acid Crimpstore has stood the test of time, ensuring the most effective preservation available from ensiling to feedout. However, the unavoidable fumes associated with any acid product have proved off-putting for some, particularly when having to work in enclosed areas.

At Kelvin Cave Ltd we are always seeking to improve our product range without compromising effectiveness and always backed-up by sound scientific evidence. For this reason we have avoided biological additives for crimped grain because, generally speaking, they have been shown to be less effective and reliable at preserving nutrients, with increased fermentation losses and poorer aerobic stability. Trials have also shown that animal performance can be reduced when compared with chemical salt-treated crimped grain.

We have worked hard for many years to find a more effective, fume-free solution, and, after extensive research and farm-scale testing, working with scientists in Germany and Sweden, we are proud to announce the arrival of CrimpSafe 300. 

Developed to ensure a similar fermentation profile to acid treatment, with minimal fermentation losses, the powerful food preservative ingredients in CrimpSafe 300 have also been shown to give an unrivalled 300 hours aerobic stability in trials, on all cereal grain crimped at moisture contents from 25-45%. 

Supplied as a concentrated liquid in 200-litre drums or 1000-litre IBCs, CrimpSafe 300 is diluted 50:50 with clean water on farm and applied through the crimping machine at varying rates (see table below) depending on crop and moisture content.

A number of farmers across the UK, including Dave Banham, featured on page 5, used CrimpSafe 300 to treat their grain in 2015 and have been delighted with the results they have seen, so now yet another tried and tested solution is available from Kelvin Cave Ltd, the home of farm-grown feed preservation.

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