Machines designed to take the pain out of processing grain

At Kelvin Cave Ltd we offer the most comprehensive range of grain-processing machinery to match the throughput and usage demands of the smallest-scale farm to the largest contracting operation.

With throughput capacities ranging from 600 kilos to 50 tonnes/hour there is a machine to suit every requirement. However, we recognise that needs can vary, so we also offer an extensive range of ancillary equipment and bespoke options on most of our machines so they can be personalised for specific applications.

In addition to the world-renowned and versatile Korte and Murska grain crimpers and dry rollers we have developed the all-British KC Bruiser for those seeking high-output processing of traditional flat-rolled grain. 

KC Mini Flaker

KC Mini Flaker

We have also recently introduced the KC Mini-Flaker (pictured left) to meet the requirements of smaller farms, smallholdings or equine establishments. With an output of 500-600kg/hour the unique configuration of helically-meshed rollers is cleverly engineered to run smoothly and quietly driven by its 2.2kW single-phase motor.

The KC Mini-Flaker is simple to operate. Adjust the easily-variable roller pressure setting to suit the grain being processed; press the start button and open the feeder slide.  

The Mini-Flaker is ideal for processing all cereal grains and mixtures of cereals and pulses, such as peas, producing a beautifully flaked finished product.

Onboard digital weighing machineWeighing up the options

All crimpers and Bruiser machines can be fitted with the unique Kelvin Cave on-board digital weighing system to quantify precisely the amount of grain being processed. The weighing system also ensures greater application accuracy when preservatives are being added during processing.

Bags of ensiling solutions

As an alternative to clamp storage of crimped grain, or, for Propcorn NC-treated grain, where no dry storage area is available, our grain processing machines can be fitted with a bagging unit (pictured right) which compresses and ensiles the grain into an airtight plastic tube. We also supply a bagging chassis with bulk hopper which can be used to bag most co-products, reducing waste and allowing farmers to buy at out-of-season reduced prices. 

M700 Mill & Mix MachineAll in the mix

We recognise that sometimes our customers seek even more from our machines than basic high-performance grain processing. This has led to the development of mill-and-mix machines ranging from simple protein hoppers (allowing the accurate addition of powdered or pelleted proteins below the rollers using a variable speed auger) to more complex machines where several ingredients, including molasses, can be added as the grain is processed. 

The photo to the right shows a bespoke Murska 700 dry grain mill-and-mix machine with side-loaded protein hopper and molasses tank.

Have it your way

Thanks to our dedicated engineering team and extensive fabrication and workshop facilities, we can design and build bespoke chassis and trailer units to help make machines across the range easily transportable. 

Pictured to the right is a KC Bruiser 1250 which has been modified to include a twin-axle extended chassis capable of carrying up to 2 IBC’s of preservatives. The model shown is fitted with air brakes allowing road speeds up to 50kph, enabling larger farms and contracting operators to function with greater efficiency and productivity.

We are also able to construct and supply static, gantry-mounted installations, such as this electrically-powered Korte 1400 (below left) operating in a feed blending facility. 

The Murska 350 S2 (below right), is mounted on a raised platform where the four-tonne capacity hopper can be filled by loader bucket or auger. 

Murska machines

At the press of a button the three-phase electric motor-powered mill discharges the processed grain to the floor where it can be removed with the loader for feeding. 

Fitted with 2mm-fluted rollers this, Murska 350S2 will process cereal grains and/or pulses with ease. Any of our versatile range of mills can be installed in this way, ensuring that you have the output you require for your farming system.

Proximity sensors can also be fitted to stop the discharge when the grain in the hopper drops to a pre-set level.

All part of the service

Our workshops can undertake all forms of mechanical and electrical repairs and refurbishment including complete strip-downs, bearing and drive-train replacements, roller refurbishment and machining, shot blasting, re-spraying, rewiring and general routine maintenance checks.

Whether you require a new grain processing machine, or an upgrade or refurbishment to existing equipment, we have the range and flexibility to offer a solution to your specific requirements. 

Please contact your local area manager or our office to discuss your requirements. 

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