The new Korte 700S2 HD is the latest addition to a range of crimping, bruising and rolling machines unique to Kelvin Cave Ltd. The range covers all throughput demands and capacities to meet the requirements of small-scale on-farm usage through to the largest contractors.

The world-renowned range of Korte and Murska machines from Finland are the bedrock for a catalogue of options that include baggers and mill-and-mix machines, as well as trailer or skid-mounted units for some smaller and mid-range capacity models, together with on-board weighing systems to facilitate accurate monitoring of crop yield and throughput.

There are also our very own British-made KC Bruiser 600 and 1250 models that are receiving universal acclaim for their performance and reliability.

Kelvin Cave Ltd offers machines capable of throughputs of between 1 and 50 tonnes/hour so there is one to suit every requirement. 

The compact Murska 220 roller mill can be located beneath a silo for on-demand grain processing, while at the other end of the scale is the massive Korte 2000 - workhorse of many contractors and large-scale farming operations.

Shown opposite are just a few examples of the machines and configurations available. We invite you to call us to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain advice about operation and maintenance.

And remember, we have our very own comprehensive workshop and engineering facilities offering custom builds as well as contract maintenance and repairs.

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