Going for GOLD - ClampNet just got even better!

Secure your silage investment with our newly released very high quality heavy duty (300g/m²) silage cover - ClampNet Gold.

Made from a finely-knitted UV-stable (there is a ten-year full UV stability guarantee) high density polyethylene (HDPE) material which will not fray or unravel, ClampNet Gold’s flexibility enables it to mould into the contours of the silage - giving it maximum contact with the top silage sheet to help maximise aerobic stability and minimise wind-lift when weighted down with gravel bags or ClampTiles.  ClampNet Gold will also protect the silage sheet from sunlight and reduce damage caused by birds and animals.

For more details and to discuss your specific needs please contact your local Kelvin Cave area manager, or call us on 01458 252281

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