Every cloud has a Propcorn NC lining

It was all going so well. But as we go to press the weather has turned, throwing the remainder of the harvest season into jeopardy.

But all is not lost, thanks to Propcorn NC, the safe, non-aggressive, one-stop storage solution for all whole and processed grains and pulses. It is a great all-round solution for the preservation of high-moisture cereals, grain maize, pulses, hay, haylage and straw, delivering higher returns per acre, with better feed value and increased energy levels.

Propcorn NC is active in the prevention of yeasts, moulds and mycotoxins forming during storage for up to 12 months. 

What’s more, in independent worldwide tests, livestock fed on Propcorn-treated feeds have shown that it improves milk yields by up to 4%, increases liveweight gain in beef cattle by up to 4%, and improves  feed-conversion efficiency in pigs by up to 6%.

Act now to safeguard against expensive and damaging crop losses. Propcorn NC is available from stock, so call us today for a truly weather-beating solution.


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