Essentials for crimping

If we had to define just what makes Kelvin Cave Ltd different from our competitors it would have to be our uniquely comprehensive ‘packaged’ approach to home-grown feed production.

We don’t specialise in machinery for processing cereal and whole-crop feeds, or the preservatives that safeguard long-term storage and preserve palatability. Nor do we focus on clamp management and other storage solutions. Instead, we believe that all these things - and more - should be available from a single source, giving farmers a one-stop field-to-feedout resource tailored to their specific requirement. Plus, all our products are underpinned by a wealth of technical support and expertise amassed over 30 years spent promoting and refining best practice in all aspects of home-grown feed preservation and processing.

So, with another harvest season fast approaching we offer a snapshot summary of our current product range, together with some of the services available to farmers and contractors to help achieve maximum yield, labour and energy efficiency, increased profit potential and protection from fluctuating bought-in feed prices and supply.


Wile Crimping Moisture MeterThe Wile Crimping Moisture Meter, available exclusively from Kelvin Cave Ltd, tests whole grain, and will give accurate readings on all grain from 12% up to 50% moisture. Quick and easy to use, this meter will make life easier for contractors and farmers, helping to ensure that correct levels of Crimpstore and Propcorn NC preservatives are applied.

Our website contains a wealth of information and practical tips to help you identify visual clues that determine the readiness of various cereal crops for harvesting at their optimum nutritional value.


Propcorn NCEssential for the effective preservation of high value crimped feeds, Crimpstore 2000S (and Crimpstore Premier for organic farms) and Crimpstore Hi-Dry are applied by a pump applicator through the crimping machine. These preservatives work by directly acidifying the crimped grain, thereby minimising the amount of valuable rumen nutrients that could be lost in a poorly controlled fermentation. The formulations are designed to give maximum protection against spoilage organisms that could cause deterioration of the feed once the clamp or bag is opened at feedout.

Propcorn NC is the non-corrosive version of its well-known predecessor Propcorn. Made non-corrosive by Taminco’s special gaseous ammoniation buffering process, Propcorn NC can be applied to all cereal grains and pulses to safeguard against the formation of yeasts, moulds and mycotoxins during storage for up to 12 months. 

Safesil is ideal for wholecrop silage, destroying moulds and preventing heating.


Murska and Korte Crimping machinesKelvin Cave Ltd are sole distributors in the UK and Eire for the Murska/Korte range of grain crimpers and baggers. The range includes machines with from 5 to 40+ tonnes per hour throughput covering all the requirements of farmers and contractors alike.

Options and extras include mill and mix, on-board weighing systems and a range of chassis/towbar options.

We offer comprehensive repair and customising facilities in our own workshops, and a spare parts service of key components as well as a roller refurbishment facility, all designed to keep your machine in tip-top condition. We also offer reconditioned, pre-owned machines subject to availability. 

KC Bruiser 1250The KC Bruiser 1250 and 600 are dedicated to the high-output production of traditional, flat-rolled grain for home-grown cereal blends and crimping. The 600mm diameter, flat rollers will process any grain and can be adjusted to produce exactly the quality of roll required for any situation. Depending on the type, quality and moisture content of the grain, the KC Bruiser 1250 can achieve outputs from 15-40 tonnes/hour, and the smaller KC Bruiser 600 will process from 7-20 tonnes/hour.


Good clamp management can be achieved with our range of products to make your clamp more airtight, secure and well protected. It includes:

ClampFilm, a green 40-micron primary silage sheet that is spread directly on top of the clamped feed to vacuum seal it. It is 40% stronger than other vacuum sheets; don’t be fooled into buying copy-cat products - if it’s not green it’s not ClampFilm! 

O2 Barrier 2in1, an innovative combination of polyethylene silage film and polyamide vacuum film in a single sheet, exclusively from Kelvin Cave Ltd. 

ClampTiles are a long awaited alternative to tyres for weighting down sheeting. Made from 90 per cent re-cycled material with a life expectancy of around 15 years they are easy to handle and stackable when not in use.

ClampNet is a 300g/m² heavy-duty green silage cover with seamed, stitched edges to prevent fraying or unravelling and protect clamps from birds and mammals. It incorporates loops for securely attaching gravel bags.

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