The building blocks for making great crimped feed

It is almost impossible to understate the positive impact home-grown crimped grain can have on the well-being of beef and dairy herds, and the increase in liveweight and milk yield that can be realised when well-made, well-preserved cereals are included as part of a feeding regime.

Growing and processing cereals on-farm for livestock can also prove more cost-effective than bought-in feeds, the price of which can fluctuate dramatically depending on global demands and successful harvests.

Making good crimped feed requires a number of building blocks. Putting them all together in the right order means a perfect fit and results that really stack up! So here then is our list of recommended components for field to feed-out crimping success.


The Wile Crimping Moisture Meter, available exclusively from Kelvin Cave Ltd, tests whole grain, and is the only moisture meter that can provide accurate readings on all grain from 12% up to 50% moisture. Quick and easy to use, this meter makes life easier for contractors and farmers, helping to determine the optimum moisture content for harvesting, as well as ensuring that correct levels of preservative are applied.


For the effective preservation of high value crimped feeds, Crimpstore should be applied by a pump applicator through the crimping machine. The preservative works by directly acidifying the crimped grain, thereby minimising the amount of valuable rumen nutrients that could be lost in a poorly controlled fermentation. Crimpstore is formulated to give maximum protection against spoilage organisms that could cause deterioration of the feed once the clamp or bag is opened at feed-out.


he Murska/Korte range of grain crimpers and baggers. The range includes machines capable of processing from 5 to 40+ tonnes per hour, covering all the requirements of farmers and contractors alike. Options and extras include mill and mix, on-board weighing systems and a range of chassis/towbar options.

For a full round-up of our current range of crimpers, bruisers and dry rolling machines, together with options that include mill and mix, bagging and on-board weighing, please see ..................ADD LINK HERE TO CEREALS ARTICLE


Protecting your clamp has never been easier. O2 Barrier 2in1 is applied as a single sheet which separates into two on the clamp (a protective, high-quality top layer covering a layer of very oxygen impermeable, polyamide vacuum film). O2 Barrier provides up to a tenfold decrease in oxygen permeability (less than 30 cm3 of oxygen per m2 per day). Up to 40% lighter than conventional sheeting systems, O2 Barrier ensures the rapid formation and sustainability of anaerobic conditions in the clamp by forming an airtight seal.

ClampTiles are made from 90 per cent recycled material with a life expectancy of around 15 years. They are ergonomically designed for ease of handling and, unlike tyres, they don’t harbour rainwater and debris, and when not in use can be stacked on pallets for compact and convenient storage. ClampTiles simply butt together to provide total edge-to-edge protection, helping to minimise bird and rodent damage right across the clamp.

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