BaleSafe haylage preservative puts an end to spoilt & dusty bales

At Kelvin Cave Ltd we have recently launched a brand new product for this haymaking season which maintains the nutritional and hygienic quality of baled haylage and high moisture hay. 

We’ve called it BaleSafe. It has been formulated to improve forage quality in any conditions, and it particularly comes into its own in a catchy weather season.

Capable of preserving the quality of hay at up to 25% moisture, BaleSafe will also preserve wrapped haylage at 50-75% dry matter. 

BaleSafe’s unique blend of non-corrosive ingredients includes ammonium propionate and benzoic acid together with human food-grade preservatives which have been independently proven to stop the development of yeasts and moulds in their tracks.

“No one likes to open mouldy bales. This product will ensure the waste associated with moulds and yeasts becomes a thing of the past,” says Kelvin Cave’s northern area sales manager, Michael Carpenter. 

“BaleSafe also has a role as a management tool as it may be more cost-effective to bale at a higher moisture than to incur leaf shatter and costs for extra turning,” he says. “This also has the bonus of dramatically reducing dust which is a bugbear for many workers who handle traditional hay bales.”

Also suitable as an insurance in the face of incoming rain, BaleSafe will prevent the costly quality losses which are inevitable if hay gets a soaking.

BaleSafe is a valuable addition to our range of forage preservatives which cater for every level of dry matter – from wet, 15% DM silages up to dry, 15% moisture hay.

“Any hay that’s drier than 15% moisture is likely to be stable and cool and should not need any preservative to keep it that way,” adds Michael Carpenter.

BaleSafe is easy to apply through a SilaSpray applicator (pictured above) on the baler. It is supplied in 200-litre barrels or 1,000-litre IBCs. Its application rate is 2-4 litres/tonne, depending on forage dry matter.


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