5 Essentials for Successful Silage

Just as the ‘five a day’ regime is recommended to keep us healthy, so these five products, working together, will help to prolong the life and improve the quality of your valuable silage crops.

Safesil is a special blend of food-grade preservatives applied to the crop as it is picked up by the harvester. Safesil eradicates all the major spoilage organisms - enterobacteria, clostridia, yeasts and moulds - that are present on forage crops in large numbers at harvest. Proven to be supremely effective across a wide range of dry matters and crops, Safesil is the only silage preservative that guarantees long-term storage stability [Journal of Dairy Science 94:824–831].

At 3m wide and weighing about 4,000kg with 11 individual roller rings, a SilaPactor speeds up the compaction process almost four-fold, saving both time and fuel. What’s more, it can increase dry matter compaction density by up to 40% when compared to conventional tractor rolling. Achieving even compaction using the weight of a tractor involves a lot of manoeuvring. But, with a simple, low-maintenance SilaPactor air (oxygen) is eliminated faster, ensuring the right conditions for an efficient fermentation, better nutrient retention and optimum utilisation of valuable clamp space, making significant savings in overall feed costs.

O2 Barrier 2in1 is applied as a single sheet which transforms into two on the clamp; a protective, high-quality top layer covering a layer of very oxygen impermeable, polyamide vacuum film. O2 Barrier provides quick and effective clamp sealing with reduced workload, and up to a tenfold decrease in oxygen permeability (less than  30 cm3 of oxygen per m2 per day). Up to 40% lighter than conventional sheeting systems, O2 Barrier ensures the rapid formation and sustainability of anaerobic conditions in the clamp.

ClampNet is a 300g/m2, heavy-duty green silage cover with seamed, stitched edges to prevent fraying or unravelli ng. It offers added protection from attack by birds and vermin and also helps to maintain compaction. ClampNets are reusable and feature reinforced ‘loops’ to enable secure attachment of gravel bags, allowing weight to be focussed on the shoulders of the clamp where it really matters.

Made from 90 per cent re-cycled material with a life expectancy of around 15 years ClampTiles are ergonomically designed for ease of handling. Unlike tyres, they don’t harbour rainwater and debris, and when not in use can be stacked on pallets for compact and convenient storage. ClampTiles simply butt together to provide total edge-to-edge protection, helping to minimise birdand rodent damage right across the clamp.

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