Silage additives: Safesil

- choose the right product for your crop

One of the most important decisions that has to be made throughout the farming year is which forage additive to use on each forage crop.

As the base of ruminant rations the quality of forage can influence livestock performance throughout the year. At Kelvin Cave Ltd. we have specialised for over 25 years in sourcing and suppling our customers with the most effective preservatives or additives for individual situations, and ensuring they have the correct product from our extensive range to help make the best of any conserved forage crop, from grass silage to maize, wholecrop and arable silages.


Safesil offers a new, even more effective approach to protecting your silage, the most valuable and versatile of all your
feed crops.

Developed in conjunction with SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Safesil uses only human food-grade preservatives that are proven to be effective in preventing losses from bacteria, yeasts, fungi and mould.

Ideal for maize, legumes, whole crop and grass silages, Safesil can be used in clamps, bags and bales to produce a clean fermentation, resulting in silage that is palatable and rich in nutrients. Widely trialled throughout mainland Europe, Safesil is now available in the UK from Kelvin Cave Ltd., leaders in home grown feed preservation and processing.

Increase your profits by feeding silage treated with Safesil because:

Safesil protects silage effectively against heating and aerobic deterioration that results from yeast and mould activity.

Unlike other silage additives Safesil actually destroys unwanted, harmful bacteria such as Clostridia and Enterobacteria, providing a good environment for lactic acid bacteria to achieve a rapid reduction in pH, and minimising the risk of butyric acid production which lowers the nutritional value and palatability of silage.

Safesil is flexible and has been comprehensively tested for all different silages (maize, legumes, wholecrop and grass) with dry matter (DM) contents from 15 to 50%, and with a range of application rates depending on crop and harvesting conditions. Safesil is suitable for use with different storage systems, including clamps, bags, bales and silos.

Safesil is safe because it contains only human food-grade preservatives, has a pH of 8, and will not irritate the skin or corrode machinery. Safesil is endorsed by the Swedish Dairy Association for its environmental safety, ease of handling and all-round performance.

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