Homegrown feed preservation and processing

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Specialising in crimped and moist grain preservatives, processing machinery, silage & slurry treatments and clamp protection.

Kelvin Cave Ltd. is the UK market leader in the development and supply of homegrown feed preservation systems.

We work with livestock farmers and their contractors who specialise in harvesting, processing and ensiling forage and concentrate crops throughout the British Isles. By bringing together a comprehensive range of products and machinery, from world-class manufacturers, Kelvin Cave provide a one-stop, integrated source of supply for farmers seeking greater self-sufficiency and autonomy in their feed production.

Eliminating or reducing dependency on bought-in feeds can safeguard livestock farmers against supply shortages and fluctuating market prices. The company's preservative and processing systems allow the low-cost storage of home grown forages and concentrates harvested at optimal nutritional value and digestibility.

From harvesting to feed-out, Kelvin Cave Ltd. has a range of systems-led solutions that have been tried and tested over many seasons on farms throughout the UK. These include proven methods for grain crimping and ensiling, moist grain preservation, silage treatment and clamp management.

Long established relationships with internationally respected names including Kemira, Murska / Korte and Nichols Concave, has enabled Kelvin Cave Ltd. to provide the highest levels of technical support and after-sales service and a wholehearted commitment to future product development.


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If you’re a farmer or contractor seeking to improve productivity from home grown forages and concentrates, we have a solution that’s right for you.

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